The participation of some of us in the successful reform of the Spanish Health Service, with the creation of our National Health System, and in the implementation of innovative management models in healthcare institutions, as well as the interest that this formidable change has sparked in many countries, have led us to consider the need to internationalise our consultant work. Thus, we set out on our path with the creation of MESTESA América in Santiago de Chile and are now positioning ourselves in the Middle East, while we consider reasonable expectations in other North American countries and in the Dominican Republic. Today, our goal is to have a presence in a globalised world through the internationalisation of our firm.

More information about projects in Middle East in NEWS.


Sergio Medina Lagazeta

Sergio Medina Lagazeta studied BA in Anthropology , Port Logistics and International Trade and attended International Consulting Methodology at the Andalusian School of Public Health . Since 1992 he has been working on projects for hospital and educational facilities in Uruguay , Argentina , Chile , Costa Rica , Qatar and Canada. Since 2008 he is also working on projects Hospital Logistics . He is Consultant in Mestesa Asesoría Sanitaria.

Jaime Larroya Montull

Jaime Larroya Montull is Pharmacy six years Bachelor (University of Barcelona), Master in Business Management (EADA) and Program of Directive Development (IESE).

He has been Investment & Purchasing Director at SCIAS-Hospital de Barcelona, General Manager at Instituto Oftalmológico de Barcelona, General Manager at Clínica Vía de la Plata de Zafra (Badajoz) and Senior Consultant in Health Projects and Medical Equipment Projects in national and international áreas. Actually he is Assistance Consultant at Mestesa Asesoría Sanitaria.

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